ONS:Edge is a specialized advisory firm providing marketing communications strategy and execution for the pharmaceutical industry. Its purpose is the transfer of cancer knowledge to oncology nurses to improve patient outcomes.

ONS:Edge specializes in a core group of services: strategic consultation, live presentations, on-demand webcasts and online videos, healthcare advisory boards, market research, and marketing support.

As the for-profit subsidiary of the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), ONS:Edge’s strategic advantage is our unparalleled access to key opinion leaders and the more than 35,000 members of ONS and more than 100,000 practicing nurses in the ONS database, whose commitment to evidence-based practice and excellence in patient care put them at the forefront of the oncology industry. ONS:Edge applies a unique nursing perspective to product development, awareness, and marketing initiatives. We have built sustained relationships with large and small pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical equipment companies, as well as their partnering advertising agencies.

At the heart of our work is a deep commitment to listen and understand your needs and then work together with you to develop the right strategy to deliver results. Most projects follow a process like this one:

  • Strategy assessment: client and ONS:Edge sales team agree on goals and approach
  • Proposal creation: sales and ONS:Edge project managers create detailed proposal including budget and timeline
  • Implementation: project managers direct ONS:Edge team in successfully fulfilling the plan as laid out in the proposal
  • Final accounting and reporting: essential to insure client satisfaction

Throughout the process, open and timely communication is maintained between ONS:Edge and its client. We understand that circumstances change, and we try to be as flexible as possible in accommodating modifications.

Our experienced project managers, oncology nursing leaders, medical writers, meeting planners and marketing professionals work with you to develop creative tactical plans that will inform and inspire people to better engage with your brand.

  • Motivated project managers who see projects from conception to conclusion
  • Experienced medical writers who are up-to-date on the latest oncology developments
  • Talented graphic designers who create eye-catching, relevant programmatic themes
  • Skilled information technologists who implement outstanding Internet and other technological innovations
  • Adept meeting planners who run events attuned to the last detail
  • Qualified oncology nurses who serve as consultants and faculty

ONS:Edge will work tirelessly to make sure your message is delivered to the right audience at the right time using the right communications tools and technologies. ONS:Edge has a proven track record in serving our clients. When you choose us for your next project, you are connecting to our

  • Deep knowledge of what oncology professionals need
  • Access to a huge database and our understanding of oncology nursing demographics
  • Understanding of the oncology nurses’ perspectives and preferred methods of receiving information
  • Ability to ask oncology nurses about their thoughts, experiences, and opinions
  • Experience as an established medical education [promotion] provider

  • Our unparalleled access to oncology nurses
  • Our tradition of attentive service
  • Our creation of high-quality content
  • Our up-to-the minute understanding and implementation of state and federal regulations regarding pharmaceutical company interactions with healthcare providers
    • We monitor state and federal legislation and assist clients in any reporting requirements
    • We alert oncology nurses to any regulations that may affect them in participating in our programs or projects