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Nursing Resources

ONSEdge offers oncology nurses and other healthcare professionals a selection of free resources for use in daily practice covering topics ranging from patient counseling to cancer-related spinal fractures.


Sigma Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and ONS:Edge are pleased to announce the availability of a new white paper and tear sheet that provides information on lymphomatous meningitis (LM), risk factors, common signs and symptoms and a treatment option.

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In addition to being associated with the underlying cancer, diarrhea may also be related to cancer treatment. A potentially ongoing challenge for cancer patients, diarrhea may also be life threatening if inadequately managed. To control and minimize the effects of diarrhea, a thorough evaluation combined with nutritional and pharmacologic measures is key. The White Paper briefly summarizes the impact of diarrhea, assessment of diarrhea, the role of the oncology nurse, and various management approaches that include evidence-based guideline recommendations.

Download a free copy of the White Paper developed by MedImmune, A Specialty Care Division of AstraZeneca, in partnership with ONS:Edge, to learn how to help your patients by assessing and controlling cancer- and treatment-related diarrhea.

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Nursing Resources

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ONS:Edge is a specialized advisory firm providing marketing communications strategy and execution for the pharmaceutical industry. Its purpose is the transfer of cancer knowledge to oncology nurses to improve patient outcomes.

ONS:Edge offers proven results:

  • ONS:Edge educates more than 3000 nurses annually with live programs
  • ONS:Edge reaches more than 30,000 nurses with online communications and materials
  • 74% of ONS:Edge non-CNE event attendees said they would be more likely to attend another ONS:Edge program than one hosted by another vendor; 82% have shared what they learned at an ONS:Edge event with their colleagues; 73% changed their practices after attending an ONS:Edge non-CNE program (Survey of ONS Chapter Leaders)
  • Over 5 years, ONS:Edge has created non-CNE programs and promotions for 25 leading pharmaceutical companies

  • Advice on oncology nurse-appropriate messages and themes
  • Design of oncology nurse-focused disease-state initiatives and other campaigns
  • Implementation of oncology nurse programs and materials for product launches
  • Contribution of oncology nurse expertise (through Oncology Nurse Expert Panel Members and qualified others) to promotional project design
  • Ancillary events (dinner presentations) at ONS and other conferences
  • Regional dinner presentations, series delivered across the country
  • Theater programs in the exhibit halls of conferences
  • On-demand video presentations
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • Downloadable nursing tools for use in practice
  • Registration for live events
  • Advertising
  • KOL selection
  • Planning
  • Logistics and reporting
  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Nursing tools such as brochures, tearsheets, magnets
  • White Papers on disease states and/or products
  • Email campaigns


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